Batibot: Maskom Moments Day 1

Last January, Tinig ng Plaridel released a call for contributions of their stories of love and loss within Plaridel Hall, the home of College of Mass Communication students. Of all submissions, seven entries were chosen for a week-long run as a pre-Valentine’s Day series. 



by Siomai (Journalism)

I gave him a present for his birthday. We agreed to meet at the Batibot. The words were few. I gave the gift to him and said goodbye. Not goodbye as in “See you soon,” but as in “Goodbye and thank you for everything.”

More than a year after, we met at the Batibot again. Not to rekindle an old flame but to eat siomai and swap stories from our colleges two buildings apart.

Yes, ex-lovers can be friends. But maybe one (or probably, both) is still asking “what ifs”, but doesn’t have the guts to ask for real.


(Entries submitted to Tinig ng Plaridel are subject to technical editing by a member of the Features staff.)

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