Rainbow’s Sunset and the state of the festering MMFF

The 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival has been plagued by controversies even before it had begun. Apart from the criticism towards its predictable film line-up – a Vic Sotto and a Coco Martin crossover action-comedy, a Vice Ganda fantasy-slapstick comedy, two horror films, two romantic comedies, a romance drama, and a family drama – off-screen controversies continued to surround the festival.
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7 Monsters to Watch Out For

Halloween season is afoot, and if you’re brave enough, it is the time to pay close attention to the monsters that haunt the nation.

Filipino mythology is more than the common stories about tiyanaks, tikbalangs, aswangs, and mananggals feeding on the human flesh; local folklore can introduce creatures far more terrifying and dangerous than what horror films portray. And these creatures are more familiar than we expect.