Hagdanan: Maskom Moments Day 2

Last January, Tinig ng Plaridel released a call for contributions of their stories of love and loss within Plaridel Hall, the home of College of Mass Communication students. Of all submissions, seven entries were chosen for a week-long run as a pre-Valentine’s Day series. 



By Kolmonen (Journalism)


Photo by Demerie Dangla, UP Aperture
Photo by Demerie Dangla, UP Aperture


I was rushing down the stairs because it was late and my dad was waiting for me in the parking lot. A few more steps and I’d be off the stairs, but the boy I was with stopped me. “I have the biggest crush on you,” he whispered. It was the first time anyone said that to me. I panicked, speechless, and ran away. We’ve been together for two years now.


(Entries submitted to Tinig ng Plaridel are subject to technical editing by a member of the Features staff.)

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