Independent all-women slate takes over CMC student council

The College of Mass Communication’s (CMC) all-women slate has succeeded in its bid for seats in the student council.

Chairperson candidate Kiara Ysabel Gorrospe won with 415 votes. She is the incumbent CMC representative to the University Student Council (USC) and was the secretary of the CMC Freshies, Shiftees and Transferees (FST) council last A.Y. 2020-2021.

Meanwhile, Gnoiel Edelweiss Nazal secured her seat as the CMC representative to the USC with 387 votes. Nazal is currently serving as the college representative to the University Freshie Council. 

Chiello Fernandez was elected treasurer. The incumbent FST council Communication Research representative received 344 votes.

Both Emili Joy Capule and Mary Jocel Ducero clinched a Communication Research representative seat, garnering 87 votes and 86 votes, respectively.

Some of the slate’s campaigns included forwarding press freedom, free education for all and SOGIE equality, among others.  

CMC tallied a 50.38% voter turnout in this year’s election which is higher than last year’s 44.10%. 

View the breakdown of votes here:

At least five student council positions remain vacant: vice chairperson, secretary and representatives from Film, Journalism and Broadcast Media Arts and Studies.

CMC is seeing the highest number of vacancies within the student council in the past five years.

Excluding the graduate representative, all thirteen seats were last fully occupied in 2018, the same year UP CMC local party Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA) was last active.

The party has not fielded candidates for four consecutive election years.

Meanwhile, the five independent bets initially ran under the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP) banner before disaffiliating from the party.

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STAND UP’s chapter in the college, STAND UP CMC, had been the reigning party in the council since 2019.

Tinig ng Plaridel asked CMC about their next steps following the vacancies in the student council. The college administration has yet to respond.