A 10-year split: which dep’ts voted for STAND UP CMC and CMC ISA candidates?

TNP data from the past decade show that all four CMC department representative positions have been strongholds for parties Student Alliance for National and Democratic Rights in UP – CMC (STAND UP CMC) and UP College of Mass Communication Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (CMC ISA).

Majority or 17 out of 20 Broadcast Communication representatives have come from CMC ISA. Among Communication Research representatives, CMC ISA heads a 15-4 split against the red party.

Meanwhile, 18 out of 20 Journalism representatives in the same time frame have come from STAND UP CMC. Only former representatives Angel Britanico and Laurice Sy did not come from the red party, as they ran independently for the position in 2011 and 2019 respectively. In the Film Department, STAND UP CMC leads an 18-2 split against CMC ISA.

Before the last CMC elections, posts in the local council were almost evenly split between STAND UP CMC and CMC ISA. CMC ISA has been absent for two consecutive elections, leaving STAND UP CMC unchallenged once again this year as they vie for office. 

The Office of Student Projects and Activities is set to announce the new set of student leaders in the college tonight.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this infographic contained mistakes in the number of elected members for each party. We apologize for this oversight.

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