About Tinig ng Plaridel

Tinig ng Plaridel is the official student publication of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

The publication came to existence in 1978 when then-President Ferdinand Marcos’ repressive machinery was at its deadliest and most desperate times. Amid this critical scenario, student journalists of the Institute of Mass Communication (now the College of Mass Communication) promoted freedom of expression through writing and publishing their own sentiments in print.

Editorial Board (Year 44)

Jason Sigales
Editor – in – Chief

Julienne Maxine Espinosa
Associate Editor

John Mark Garcia
Managing Editor

Almira Coleen Mendoza
News Editor

Hermione Chelsea Visto
Features Editor

Karl Henry Agbugay
Sports Editor

Guinevere Mariedelle Latoza
Photo Editor

Alyka Mari Lampano
Graphics Editor

Pilar Teresa Fernandez
Multimedia Editor

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