STAND UP CMC journ rep candidate claimed TNP is a college-recognized org. This is inaccurate.

Article by Karl Agbugay and Anna Kristal Tagunicar


Journalism Representative candidate Angel Yabut, who is running under Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP CMC (STAND UP CMC), claimed that Tinig ng Plaridel (TNP) is a recognized organization by the College of Mass Communication (CMC).

“Ifoforward din natin ‘yung pag-recognize talaga sa TNP bilang official publication ng Maskom because right now, it is only recognized by the CMC admin as an organization,” Yabut said at UP Radio Circle’s On the Spot Forum when asked about her plans on pushing for the recognition of TNP as a student publication.


TNP has yet to be officially recognized by the CMC administration, either as an organization or a student publication.

Current editor-in-chief Cristina Chi said that while TNP has maintained constant communication with CMC Secretary Ma. Ivy Claudio with regards to its operation, it is not acknowledged by the college as a publication or an organization.

“In a way, there is an unofficial recognition of our role as campus journalists. But nothing regarding our status as a publication has ever been codified or documented to be an organization,” Chi added. 

Old registration guidelines under the now-defunct Faculty Student Relations Committee (FSRC) manual constricted the operations of student organizations and TNP in 2017. At the time, TNP could only register itself as a student organization despite 42 years of being the college’s official and only student publication.

TNP opted not to register that year, similar to the other college-based organizations. Since then, the publication has not undergone any recognition process until it can be registered as a student publication.

“We should not be subject to guidelines which will compromise our editorial independence. Just like the student council, TNP is a student institution. We are just short of a codified document from being official,” Chi said.

The college has since replaced the FSRC manual with a revised version called the Sub-Committee On College Registration of Student Organizations. This is currently the college’s official guidelines for organization registration, which was formed after consultations with students and the Council of Representatives in 2019. 

Under these guidelines there is no clear distinction that TNP can be recognized as a student publication.

With the remote learning set-up, discussions between the CMC administration and college-based organizations for a mutually agreeable registration process have not yet resumed.

Claudio said in an online message that because of the pandemic, the college temporarily postponed organization registration this semester in agreement with student organizations.“Aayusin muna ‘yung process dahil remote mode na nga. Hopefully, matuloy na sa First Semester, AY 2021-2022,” Claudio said.

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