Remote learning a ‘success’? Students’ study spaces show unequal experiences

Text by Bernadette Anne Morales and Angela Ng

Students nationwide are struggling to adapt to remote learning as the new school year opens, but not all homes are conducive for studying. Study spaces — considered the new classroom in virtual learning — barely exist for others. Those with limited space at home are not afforded the privacy and environment they need to cope with the rigors of virtual learning. 

Despite the government’s move to employ distance learning measures, students have been struggling to keep up this year with inadequate resources. Some are striving to work around poor Internet connection and lack of materials, while others barely have a table and chair to work on their academic requirements. 

The pandemic has thrust all learners towards an unusual academic year, but each one has their individual circumstances. Schools must consider the varying situations of students and educators. Even amid a pandemic, the government must not forego the learning conditions of students in a mad dash to call the academic year a success. Without adequate funding and aid,  the call to leave no student behind will remain just as bare as the makeshift tables that they use to study.

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