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UP Fair 2020 adapts to the new coronavirus outbreak originating in China (COVID-19) with body temperature checks upon entrance and distribution of rubbing alcohol inside premises. 

These new sanitation regulations follow the February 7 Department of Health (DOH) advisory on concerts and other public events and gatherings urging the public to avoid events with large crowds to minimize the risk of the COVID-19 spreading. 

The added fair sanitation regulations aim to address health concerns after the DOH advised the cancellation of planned big events until further notice. 

Additional precautions include nighthandlers being asked to provide face masks to fairgoers, and staff sanitizing the hands of attendees after going on fair rides. 

“Public health is a safety issue for us as well which is why we’re doing our best to minimize the risk of sickness to spread in a large crowd like the UP Fair,” UP Fair Security Head Marco Terrado said. 

Despite this, the amount of hand sanitizers and alcohol permitted inside fair grounds were limited to 100 mL and below. The amount of restricted items have also increased compared to previous years, with powder makeup and plastic bottles being among those added in the list. 

Terrado attributed these added security implementations to the increase in attendee population throughout the years.

“Big outdoor events have also tightened security measures to minimize any risks. Restricted items are there to avoid any unruly incidents which is why we ban these items as a preventive measure,” Terrado said. 

With UP Fair days Hiwaga, Kalye Tunes, Elements, and Roots still garnering long lines of attendees, attendance remained high despite the recent DOH advisory. Some people opted to partake in self-protection measures, with Hiwaga fairgoer Gabe Santos being among the many attendees spotted wearing a face mask inside premises.

When asked about the added item restrictions, Santos replied, “I think they’re reasonable, considering that the organisers might have been held liable if anyone got sick because of the event. Thinking about it, the little restrictions are a small price to pay to keep safe from the virus.”

* The interview with Mr. Terrado was done prior to the announcement of an official name (COVID-19) for the disease.



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