CMC FST Council candidates staged a protest Thursday on issues faced not just by FSTs, but all CMC students at The Quest: CMC FST Council Miting de Avance. | Photo by Josh Avengoza

Around 180 UP CMC freshmen, shiftees, and transferees (FST) welcomed the academic year with a Game of Thrones-themed FST Month, wherein they were also introduced to the college’s struggles and advocacies.

Entitled FSThrones, the event aims for the FSTs to ‘bond together towards a common goal’ like the characters in the show, according to CMCSC Broadcast Communication Representatives and event co-heads Abby Vizcarra and Kjoy Adriano.

Chairperson Gab Ramos said they want the FSTs to be equipped with principled and militant leadership through Leadership Seminars for the FST Council elections.

“As early as now, we want them to realize the essence of being an Iskolar ng Bayan and an Alagad ng Midya: to be critical voice not only for the youth but for the rest of the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, newly-elected CMC Representative to the University Freshie Council (UFC) Julia Intia said keeping a constant flow of discourse between her, the council and the FSTs is very important in representing the college in the UFC.

“I [will be] diligent in attending all of the general assemblies of both councils, and being active in both of them. Knowing their concerns is the first step to successfully representing them to the UFC,” she said.

Intia also said she will enrich her knowledge about the college’s pressing issues in order to unite the campaigns to her fellow FSTs and to encourage them to join in the said campaigns.

The organization fair on August 22 and 23 called for the college’s democratic rights, including the junking of the Faculty-Student Relations Committee (FSRC) Manual and the Freshie Recruitment Ban, according to Ramos.

The FSRC manual is a document containing provisions and guidelines in recognition of CMC-based organizations and the use of the college’s facilities, among others.

Due to controversies surrounding the document and the clamor for its junking, organizations have not been recognized since 2017.

A situationer about the university, the education system, and the state of media in the country were discussed to the FSTs through FSiTuationer on August 28.

CMC FST Council candidates are set to present their platforms and plans of action in the Miting de Avance on Thursday, with elections on the same day.

The FST month is set to conclude on August 30 through “A Night of Ice and Fire: The FSThrones Culminight” at the Film Studio.


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