by Ma. Nina Pamela Castro


[UPDATED] The UP Diliman University Council (UC) motioned on Monday to review the proposed General Education (GE) Program in the 137th special meeting at the National Institute of Physics Auditorium.

After a three-hour discussion, the decision was carried with the 256 of the body voting for, 187 against and 29 abstain.

“There was a motion that the Chancellor convene a UC committee to review the Hybrid GE as prerequisite to any changes that the UC will make to the GE Program,” Prof. Danilo Arao of the College of Mass Communication said.

Introduced in 2012, the Hybrid Revitalized GE Program (RGEP) required students to take specific courses under Math, Science and Technology (MST), Social Science and Philosophy (SSP), and Arts and Humanities (AH).  A year after its implementation, the administration proposed to reform the Hybrid GE and reduce the minimum and maximum number of required GE units to 21 and 36 units, respectively.

Meanwhile, UP Sagip GE, an alliance of faculty members from various colleges who believe that the university’s GE program must stay to its “holistic, critical, nationalist and service-oriented” nature,  welcomed the decision of the university council because they said the “right way of conducting reviews on GE program is by using the right processes of trying to figure out its strengths and weaknesses.”

“This motion to review [the GE proposal] opens a lot of possibilities, one of which is the retention of the existing 45 GE units, ” Arao added.

The Chancellor has yet to name the members of the special committee and is expected to give a thorough research about the proposed GE program before the school year comes to a close.


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