By Inna Christine Cabel

The race between the College of Mass Communication (CMC) Freshies, Shiftees and Transferees (FST) Council chairperson aspirants Kaye Aliwate and Carlos Dimailig arrived at a tie, with each candidate garnering 29 votes out of 62 voters.

In an interview after the announcement of FST Council winners at Pintados, the CMC FST Month Culmination Night on Aug. 26, Broadcast Communication transferee Aliwate said she believes both candidates share the same platforms, which split the vote.

“I forwarded unity towards helping society at large, ganun din [kay Dimailig],” Aliwate said.

On the other hand, Dimailig, a Journalism freshman, said his campaign had limited reach.

“Mistake ko ay masyadong focused sa freshies yung campaign, in reality outnumbered kami sa shiftees and transferees combined,” Dimailig said.

Meanwhile, Broadcast Communication freshman Ignacio “Nacho” Domingo bested his two opponents, Film transferee Andrea Geronimo and Journalism transferee Frances Dianne Bael, for the position of FST Council vice chairperson after garnering 30 votes.

Geronimo earned 15 votes while Bael garnered 10.  Domingo will also be the FST Council’s delegate to the CMC Council of Representatives (COR).

To fill the vacant positions of chairperson and secretary, a second on-ground votation will be held next week, according to FST committee head Jesse Doctor.

“The FST Council will open a booth on Tuesday and Wednesday (August 30-31) where FSTs can cast their vote,” Doctor said.

Since the slate for FST Council Secretary remains vacant as of press time, nominations for the position will be opened online this Saturday while Aliwate and Dimailig are allowed to campaign until Monday.

Lone candidates for department representatives were all declared winners.

Broadcast Communication representative John Jimenez earned 23 votes against two others who abstained while Communication Research representative Anna Pagdanganan obtained seven votes.

Journalism representative Jerome Ignacio received 14 votes against two who abstained, while Film Representative John Sherwin Colasito garnered 14 votes against two who did not cast their vote for the post.

Journalism Freshman Moira Natividad was declared Treasurer after earning 51 votes against 11 who abstained. Meanwhile, Film Freshman Rocky DG Morilla was declared CMC Representative to the University Freshie Council (UFC) after garnering 53 votes against nine who abstained.

FSTs were spurred to run for the FST Council, which will forward the community’s concerns to the UFC and to the UP College of Mass Communication Student Council’s (UP CMCSC) COR.

Out of the 107 FSTs currently enrolled in UP CMC, only 62 participated in the CMC FST Council elections.

(Photo by MK Reginio.)


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