Local party Kasama Ka sa Paglikha ng Arte at Literatura Para sa Bayan (KALikha) snagged the chairperson seat in the College of Arts and Letters Student Council (CAL SC), breaking the streak of STAND-UP.

Jeronimo Ascue of KALikha won the chairperson seat with 238 out of 508 votes.

Despite this, STAND UP’s influence in the college remains strong, securing the vice chairperson seat and 5 out of 6 councilor seats.

Joey Anne Mariano was elected vice chairperson with 240 votes. Elected councilors from the party include Gabrielle Gueco, Jose Monfred Sy, Anna Beatrice Castañeda, Cheran Ricardo Cabrito Jr., and Patricia Encinas.  

Don Christian Fernandez of KALikha secured the last councilor seat.

Maria Alynna Corinne Carlos won as European Languages representative, while Nabeel Paolo Gatchalian won as representatives for Speech Communication and Theater Arts. Both are KALikha candidates.

Johann Jose Israel Manas of STAND UP was elected as representative for Filipino and Philippine Literature.

No representatives have been elected for the English and Comparative Literature department or the Art studies department. Further announcements will be made.

A total of 508 out of 1337 CAL students cast their vote, a 37.9% turnout.


Jeronimo Ascue (KALikha) – 238 votes


Joey Anne Mariano  (STAND UP) – 240 votes


Gabrielle Gueco  (STAND UP) – 245 votes

Jose Monfred Sy (STAND UP) – 236 votes

Anna Beatrice Castañeda (STAND UP) – 229 votes

Cheran Ricardo Cabrito Jr. (STAND UP) – 229 votes

Don Christian Fernandez (KALikha) – 221 votes

Patricia Encinas (STAND UP) – 210 votes


European Languages

Maria Alynna Corinne Carlos (KALikha) – 67 votes

Filipino & Philippine Literature

Johann Jose Israel Manas (STAND UP) – 69 votes

Speech Comm. and Theatre Arts

Nabeel Paolo Gatchalian (KALikha) – 78 votes

Art Studies

Deferred (waiting for further announcement)

English and Comparative Literature

Deferred (waiting for further announcement)


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