by Melissa Luz Lopez

Council officers, think before you click or expect to see a post about you on Facebook.

The College of Mass Communication Student Council (CMCSC) released yesterday the official set of rules governing the conduct of incumbent council officers during the election period.

The rules stipulate that officers who are not running for any position cannot so much as like a Facebook post or re-tweet any election-related statements from candidates running for positions in the local student council and their respective parties.

Incumbent candidates, meanwhile, are barred from using their positions to “forward his/her individual or party’s candidacy.” This means, among others, that they cannot use any of the CMCSC’s social media accounts to campaign for themselves or other candidates.

According to the guidelines posted online, an officer who violates the rules will be “held accountable through a public post in the CMCSC’s [Facebook] page,” with his or her name and violation indicated.

CMC Chairperson Mario Urrutia III said that although the rules were already practiced by officers in the previous councils, this was the first time a written document was published for transparency.

Naglabas kami ng written document para masabi na wala kaming kinikilingan, at yung pagkiling lang namin ay sa mga Maskom students, (We released a written document to show that we don’t take sides, except that of CMC students),” he said.

He added that while all of the officers in the current council belong to different parties, they all had an understanding to “strip off the colors” and “be neutral” during their term.

The campaign season for both the University and local student council elections officially started on February 12. A total of 25 candidates from the local parties Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA) and the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP-CMC (STAND UP-CMC) are running for all the positions in the CMCSC. The elections will be held on February 28.

ISA, STAND-UP CMC campaigns kick off

ISA started its campaign yesterday by distributing yellow pamphlets bearing the party’s general plans of action (GPOA) and a list of proposed projects.

ISA Campaign Manager Carmela Bangsal said their slate was focused on “changing the current climate” of CMC. “Yung vision of the org, especially of Anj (Sebastian, candidate for Chairperson) is walang iwanan sa Maskom,” she said.

Centered on college unity, ISA aims to make CMC a colorless” and “orgless” home, according to Bangsal.

Meanwhile, STAND UP-CMC launched its campaign with the theme “Maskom: Ikasa ang lente, pluma at boses ng masa para sa malayang midya, manindigan nang sama-sama.”

According to STAND UP Campaign Manager Krupskaya Valila, the party conducted a line-setting on the issues to be tackled and to set a debate against the other party.

Valila mentioned that the party would not release copies of its GPOA this week to focus on discussing issues from within and outside CMC.

Gusto muna naming itaas ang diskurso sa pakikipag-debate at hindi lamang muna makulong sa mga projects namin (We want to elevate the discourse on the debates and not to be limited by the projects that we will offer),” she said.


Incomplete slates

The withdrawal of representative Naomi Cristel Enriquez from the race, Valila said, would not stop STAND UP from serving the Communication Research Department, citing that their “collective action” would help remaining candidate Jordan Charles De Guzman to fulfill the role.

Enriquez withdrew her candidacy for family and religious reasons, she said.

ISA’s pamphlets, on the other hand, did not include Film Representative Tiara Katlyn Beatriz Samson in the roster. They have yet to release an official statement on the matter.


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