NCPAG poll results:

Voters turnout – 52.6 % (288/547)


Chess Carlos (238 votes)

Vice Chairperson

Beatrice Achacoso (219 votes)

Finance administrator

Angelica Atadero (207 votes)

External Affairs Administrator

Aric Topacio (169 votes)

Socio-academic Affairs Administrator

Charmen Balana (186 votes)

Undergraduate councilors

Paolo Alcantara (139 votes)
Hannah Miralles (136 votes)
Krista Andres (131 votes)
Raymond Rodis (127 votes)

Graduate councilors

Marikris De Guzman – Independent (73 votes)
Russel Castaneda – Independent (66 votes)
Cristymer Sheena Pimentel – Independent (64 votes)

College rep to the USC

Nikole Alicer – Independent (177 votes)
Ihna Santos – KAISA (99 votes)
Abstain – 12




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