By Florence May Jose

The College Students Electoral Board (CSEB) released yesterday the first official list of candidates for the College of Mass Communication Student Council Elections this year.

Mario Urrutia III of the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND-UP) is running for Chairperson against Farahnaz Ghodsinia of Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA) and Joaquin Torres, an independent candidate. Urrutia is the incumbent Journalism representative while Ghodsinia is the current Broadcast Communication representative.

Carla Patrice Cucueco (ISA) and Charlotte France (STAND-UP) are gunning for vice-chairperson while Sara Isabelle Torres (STAND-UP) and Leor Jyle Sulit (ISA) are running for College Representative to the University Student Council.


First Official List of Candidates:


  1. Farahnaz Ghodsinia (ISA)
  2. Joaquin Torres (Independent)
  3. Mario Urrutia III (STAND-UP)


  1. Carla Patrice Cucueco (ISA)
  2. Charlotte France (STAND-UP)


  1. Maria Fatima Gaw (ISA)
  2. Ma. Zarina San Jose (STAND-UP)


  1. Serafin Candido Gozon (STAND-UP)
  2. Maria Angela Teresa Sebastian (ISA)

BC Representatives (2)

  1. Claudine Aldana (STAND-UP)
  2. Ella Jane Hermonio (STAND-UP)
  3. Macario Manicad III (ISA)
  4. Triciah Terada (ISA)

Communication Research Representative (2)

  1. Mari Angelyn Arambulo (ISA)
  2. Rouenne Camille de Castro (STAND-UP)
  3. Angelo Lagman (Independent)
  4. Maylene Manzano (ISA)
  5. Patricia Ann Morata (STAND-UP)

Film Representative

  1. Alberto Gianco Carlo Ante (ISA)
  2. Alyssa Mariel Suico (STAND-UP)
  3. Earl Joseph Usi (STAND-UP)
  4. Marko Yambao (ISA)

Journalism Representative

  1. Myra Cabujat (STAND-UP)
  2. Ma. Angerica Emmanuelle Hainto (STAND-UP)
  3. Chelsea Sullivan (ISA)

CMC Representative to the USC

  1. Leor Jyle Sulit (ISA)
  2. Sarah Isabelle Torres (STAND-UP)


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