by Dawnavie Dadis and Marianne Salazar
[Updated: 8:41 p.m.] The incoming College Representative of the UP College of Architecture stood out as the only winning candidate affiliated with a political party.

Third year BS Architecture student Peter Dominique Paredes, who ran unopposed for College Representative under the banner of STAND-UP, won with 261 votes. Only 72 abstained from voting.

Unlike the incumbent officers who ran under a local part last year, the independent candidates who won this year ran for their respective posts individually.

When asked about the undivided politics in the college, College Secretary Emilio U. Ozaeta said, “It seems like organized politics is something that the students do not want to get into.”

“Basically because I believe that the culture of the college is very familial… I would imagine that they did not want to have factions in the college for the simple reason that they don’t want to break up the family, so conflict is a rarity,” said Ozaeta.

Ozaeta further explained the familial yet professional relations in the college enabled the student body to think “on the same page,” coming up with projects that serve the interest of the students with the support of the administration.

Candidate for Councilor Angelo Neil Marchadesch, who withdrew from the race earlier on due to personal reasons, still garnered 63 votes despite the administration informing the students about his decision.

The college had a 53.96% voter turnout, with 334 of the 619 students casting their ballots.


Voter turnout: 381/619 voted


College Representative to the USC
Peter Dominique Paredes (STAND-UP) – 261 votes (72 abstained)

Elise Marie Mendoza – 296 votes (37 abstained)

Vice Chair for Internal Affairs
Aedriane Celis – 276 votes (57 abstained)

Vice Chair for External Affairs
Patricia Anne Sim – 298 votes (35 abstained)

Timothy Augustus Ong – 255 votes
Josef Ponce – 255 votes
Patrick Lawrence Monfort – 254 votes
Andoni Rex Centino – 244 votes
Stephanie Martinez – 239 votes
Maria Angelica Abrajano – 227 votes
Aura Keziah Soriano – 225 votes
KR Pueblos – 219 votes
(Abstain votes – 22)

Landscape Architecture representative
Alexandra Aldaba – 42 votes (3 abstain)

5th year batch rep
Alver Prince Remolar – 57 votes (5 abstain)

4th year batch rep
Maria Angela Liresita Luna – 51 votes (10 abstain)

3rd year batch rep
Paulina Marie Francisco – 75 votes (7 abstain)

2nd year batch rep
Alfonse Rafael Rulloda – 61 votes (11 abstain)


All candidates except Paredes, representative to the USC, are independent.


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