Voter turnout is an important indicator in electoral exercises. Aside from determining the eventual winners of elections and securing victories for candidates, turnout builds the  student leaders’ mandate.  But more importantly, a high voter turnout is a sign of a vibrant studentry exercising its right to elect its leaders, maximizing discussion and opinion on the issues that affect the college, university, and country.

As the college’s official student publication, TNP wants to foster and cultivate that environment of free discourse, and we believe that this can only be achieved if there is full student participation in the CMCSC and USC elections: a 100 percent voter turnout. Over the years, CMC has been increasing its voter turnout percentage, and has come close to breaking the 60 percent mark in 2010.

Sixty percent may be a far cry from 100 percent, but the trend shows that college politics is no longer a topic that interests only college parties. More and more students are getting involved–more and more students are breaking out of the shell of apathy and voicing out their choice. Becoming involved is finally becoming “in”.

It’s a sign. Don’t be left out. Kamitin natin ang botong siyento porsyento.

On Feb. 17, use your voice: vote.


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