By Maritoni Molina

Council Composition: 4 Independent, 2 STAND-UP, 1 Unknown

Chairperson: Sara Grachelle S. Ang (Independent)

College Representative: Marie Gold Villar (STAND-UP)

2010 Voter Turnout: 32.84%, 112 of 331

2010 USC Chairperson: Rainier Astin Sindayen (STAND-UP)

Political Background:

STAND-UP has essentially dominated CSWCD until 2008, when it was opposed for the first time and began to actually feel the threats to its dominance. Particularly making a statement is the diminishing margin of votes by which candidates of the activist party land positions in the student council. No one ran for the positions of Finance Officer and Social Work Representative in 2010.
In 2008, STAND-UP candidate Carmela Lagang beat independent candidate Hernan Melecio via toss coin for the position of CSWCD representative to the USC after both garnered a tie of 64 votes. The following year, a group of students formed ASTIG (Alliance of Students Towards Innovative Governance), completing an entire slate against STAND-UP and eventually winning four of the nine positions. The 2010 elections, on the other hand, was rather unusual because STAND-UP candidate Marie Gold Villar became the college representative to the USC, running unopposed with 67 votes versus 45 abstain votes after independent candidate Roger Cabiles withdraw from the race mid-campaign.


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