By Irene Morales

Council Composition: 10 Body and Mind (BOND), 2 KAISA, 1 Independent

Chairperson: Pastor C. Manlangit, Jr. (BOND)

College Representative: Angelo Jose Flores (KAISA)

2010 Voter Turnout: 39.63% (195 of 492)

2010 USC Chairperson: Mario C. Cerilles, Jr. (ALYANSA)

Political Background:

CHK was formerly a one-party college. Only KAISA usually prepares a line-up for CHK and the other candidates are usually independent. Last year, a new local party was formed: Body and Mind, also known as BOND. BOND dominated last year’s election.
Every year, the CHK administration has difficulties in the election because of a lack of candidates running, citing students’  busy schedules.

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