June 24 (Thursday)
A Sigma Rho fraternity member allegedly parked his car at the AS Parking Lot, an informal tambayan of Upsilon Sigma Phi fraternity. A confrontation ensued but the dispute was later resolved.

June 25 (Friday)
Upsilon Sigma Phi members allegedly traversed the AS Steps (Palma Hall), an informal tambayan of Sigma Rho. An altercation took place but the UP Diliman Police arrived to prevent violence.

June 26 (Saturday)
An undergraduate student affiliated with  Sigma Rho was allegedly injured in Intramuros, Manila. The student allegedly suffered three head stitches and one broken arm. Upsilon Sigma Phi denied any connection to this incident.

June 28 (Monday)
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs received reports regarding the Thursday and Friday events. This was relayed to the Office of the Dean of the UP College of Law, prompting Dean Marvic Leonen to call for a meeting between the two said fraternities. The meeting was witnessed by the College Secretary and Law Student Government Central Board (LSG CB) representatives.

In the meeting “territorial boundaries” were agreed upon and the fraternity heads promised that there will be no further exchange of violence, inside or outside the campus.

June 29 and 30 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
The LSG CB, as the mediating body, received complaints from both fraternities alleging threats coming from each side. They complained of roving vehicles around their members’ residences and the collecting of addresses even after the “truce” on Monday.

A Verification Committee composed of unaffiliated LSG CB members was created to receive and verify complaints alleging aggression or threats of aggression from both fraternities.

July 01 (Thursday)
Morning – The car windows of a Sigma Rho member was allegedly broken in front of the Institute of Biology.

Evening – Two Upsilon Sigma Phi members, both Law students, were clobbered with lead pipes while in a case conference with their supervising lawyer at Shakey’s Katipunan. Members of the police as well as the media arrived to record the incident. The Sigma Rho Fraternity denies any connection to this incident.

Source: University of the Philippines Law Student Government Central Board


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