by Peter Angelo Blaza and Katherine Elona

ISA candidate for CMC chairperson Sherwin Su is back on the playing field after the CSEB (College Student Electoral Board) reversed its earlier decision to withhold his candidacy and restored his name on the list of official council candidates.

“I’m happy that I was given the chance to serve the students,” Su said.

Su said the CSEB’s decision was primarily because of his failure to submit his TCG (True Copy of Grades) last semester as he was on LOA (leave of absence).

Su said he appealed the CSEB to review his past records since they only need the TCG to evaluate a student’s academic standing.

The CSEB invited him for a face-to-face interview last Wednesday.

“My appeal was based on the fact that the rules were set in order for them to be able to evaluate my academic standing. In the end they realized I do have a good academic standing,” Su said.

“His candidacy was approved because one, he has completed two and a half years of residency [in the university],” said College Secretary Lourdes M. Portus, CSEB chairperson.

“He was only gone last semester so talo ‘yung argument that he’s not familiar with the [issues in the college],” (He was only gone last semester, so the argument that he is unfamiliar with college issues does not hold) Portus said.

Portus said the second reason for the approval was for “[bringing] pride to the college and the university [while he was on leave].”

Su, a member of the University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers, went abroad last semester as part of their Euro-American Goodwill Tour.

All members of the CSEB were present during the face-to-face interview with Su, except for journalism Prof. Danilo Arao.

“He was consulted through the phone and he approved,” said Portus.

STAND-UP candidate for CMC chairperson Kathy Molina said Su’s candidacy does not change anything in her bid for candidacy in the election.

“This campaign is not driven by my opponent, but by our party’s principles and by the students,” Molina said. “May the more principled candidate(s) win.”


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