By Lowell Fredrick Madrileno

The positions for Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council (AIT-SC) 2010-2011 will be all filled in by candidates from local college party, START-AIT.

The Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) posted the outcome of its local election around 6 p.m. The results are as follows:

USC AIT Representative

163 Juan Carlos “JC” Danganan

61 Nikki M. Nicolas

12 Abstain

AIT Chairperson

183 Karen Claire “KC” Chan

52 Abstain

AIT Vice Chairperson

202 Charisse “Cha” Lopez

34 Abstain

AIT Councilors (5)

167 Christine Joy “CJ” Bollar

158 Jan Lester “JL” Dimayuga

148 Kristian Anthony “Kian” Palencia

144 Danielle Corinne “Danie” Seva

139 Michelle Claudine “Mitch” Manalac

28 abstain

AIT 4th year representative

119 Aylene Marie “Aylene” Sarmiento

29 Abstain

AIT 3RD year representative

47 Maria Shaine “Shaine” Santiago

15 Abstain

AIT 2ND year representative

16 Erika Mar “Erika” Erro

10 Abstain

Nikki Nicolas was the sole candidate of the STAND-UP for college representative but she lost to START-AIT’s JC Danganan.

Aside from students having to transfer computers because some units can’t log them in, the elections at the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) was smooth sailing, said one AIT student.

Amid earlier fear of not reaching the desired voter’s turnout, the AIT College Student Electoral Board recorded a (61%) voter’s turnout, with 236 of 386 registered students voting.

(We apologize for some factual errors incurred during the reporting process)


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