By Franz Jonathan de la Fuente

With less than a week until Election Day, the STAND UP-CMC Broadcast Communication (BC) representative candidate has expressed his intention to withdraw from the election campaign today.

Mark Rodel Marmol has announced that he would be withdrawing his candidacy for BC representative.

I’ve already talked to Ma’am [Lourdes] Portus (college secretary, College Student Electoral Board head) and I will be passing my notice of withdrawal tomorrow,” Marmol said.

Marmol said he withdrew because of his commitments with the UP Broadcasting Association and the UP StreetDance Club. He has been noticeably absent during the first week of the campaign.

I do not want to continue to run just for the sake of running. I was hesitant to run to begin with, and Absie [Eligio] (STAND UP-CMC chair) knows this,” he said. “If I run and I turn out half-baked, it will reflect on me. So I decided to quit.”

Marmol’s withdrawal brings STAND UP-CMC’s total candidates to 12. The party did not field a candidate for college representative.

STAND UP-CMC finds no problem with Marmol’s exit and is still confident of a victory for its other candidate for BC representative, Den Yalung.

Kathy Molina, STAND UP-CMC candidate for chair said, “From the very beginning, STAND-UP’s platform has been collective. If there is a withdrawal, it will not be a disadvantage. We trust that Den will be able to carry out our platform. The task of the candidate is also the task of the party.”

ISA, STAND UP-CMC’s rival party, is also fielding 12 candidates for the election. Its candidates for Communication Research and Graduate Studies representatives have been previously disqualified.

I’m glad everything’s clear. Voters are getting the information they need about the election and the candidates,” said Jake Rivera, ISA’s candidate for BC representative.


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