By Lowell Fredrick Madrileño

The College Student Electoral Board (CSEB) warned the Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA) party regarding the use of T-shirts during campaigns at a meeting held 1 p.m. today.

Students Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND-UP) filed a complaint with the CSEB about ISA candidates wearing yellow T-shirts with candidates’ names printed on the back early this week.

“We listened to both parties and we deliberated on it. There was a violation committed but the rules aren’t clear on the penalty, so we’re giving them a first warning,” said Prof. Lourdes Portus, CSEB head and college secretary.

Article 8 Section 1 of the Revised UP Diliman Election Code says: “The giving, distribution and use of buttons, badges, matches, T-shirts, food, multimedia promotional materials, gifts and other forms of political gimmickry shall be prohibited.”

The code also allows up to three warnings after which the entire slate will be disqualified.

“Basically it’s the same every year for [three] years now. It’s a politically motivated act,” said Karol Yee, ISA founder and former CMC chairperson, referring to STAND-UP’s complaint coinciding with the college’s miting de avance today dubbed “Hot Off The Grill.”

This is not the first time ISA has been reprimanded on the use of T-shirts.

Last election, ISA committed the same violation when the candidates wore shirts with the party’s name and logo on miting de avance day. The candidates, recognizing the violation, changed shirts minutes before the annual “Hot Off the Grill” started.


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