By Nikki Careen Palacios

After being led by one party for a year, the National College of Public Administration and Governance student council is now evenly tied between local party PALS (Practice of Administrative Leadership and Service) and independent candidates.

PALS won 7 seats, with the remaining 7 going to independent candidates. Ronald “Dong” Carreon of PALS, who ran unopposed, is the new NCPAG chairperson.

This year’s result eclipses PALS’ complete sweep of the NCPAG polls last year.

Voter turnout was 43%, with 254 out of 587 students voting, 2% lower from last year’s 45%.

The NCPAG elections were delayed for three weeks as the candidates were not able to submit their requirements on time. During the university-wide student council elections on February 24, only NCPAG representative to the university student council Desiree Ico of KAISA was elected.


Chairperson (1)

205         Ronald Dane “Dong” Carreon (PALS)

49           ABSTAIN

Vice Chairperson (1)

143         RG Emmanuel Tesa (Independent)

101         Jade Lou Dulawan (PALS)

10           ABSTAIN

Internal Affairs Administrator (1)

119         Joanna Krista Javelona (Independent)

117         Inah Tolentino (PALS)

18           ABSTAIN

External Affairs Administrator (1)

143         Portia Silang (Independent)

99           Lila Rodriguez (PALS)

12           ABSTAIN

Finance Administrator (1)

206         Joebert Sayson (PALS)

48           ABSTAIN

Socio Academic Affairs Administrator (1)

150         Ayesha Alonto Mambuay (Independent)

92           Kathreen Jane “Kaye” Sapungen (PALS)

12           ABSTAIN

Undergraduate Councilors (4)

140         Giancarlo Miguel “Gian” Pantaleon (PALS)

130         Dean Miranda (PALS)

130         Karlo James Diaz (PALS)

104         Joann Zyrell Salazar (PALS)

92           Aguia Barbara Luneta (Independent)

5              ABSTAIN

Graduate Councilors (4)

40           Joanna Carinugan (Independent)

37           Le Harvey San Antonio (Independent)

36           Ines Miranda Basaen (Independent)

30           Rachelle Ann Panlaqui (PALS)

2              ABSTAIN


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