by Alexandra Gabrielle Francisco and Monica Joy Cantilero

The first official list of candidates for the College of Mass Communication Student Council (CMC-SC) has been released today, but neither party in the college has a complete slate.

According to the list posted around 4 p.m., three positions, including chairperson, under Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA) were vacant.

Erika Migriño, running as vice-chairperson under ISA, said the ISA candidates not included in the list were Sherwin Su for chairperson, Christine Laungayan for Communication Research department representative and Dana Mengote for graduate studies representative.

Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP CMC (STAND-UP CMC) chairperson Absolom Eligio said Ronald Alan Habon, a journalism student, was supposed to run for CMC representative to the University Student Council (USC) under STAND-UP CMC.

But he was not able to file for candidacy because his grades for the past two semesters have not appeared in the Computerized Registration System (CRS) database, said Eligio. A True Copy of Grades (TCG) is a requirement for filing of candidacy.

Eligio said STAND-UP candidate for USC councilor, Joseph Cataan from the Broadcast Communication department, would still be able to represent the college.

“In essence, may CMC representative to the USC ang STAND-UP (STAND-UP has a CMC representative to the USC),” said Eligio.

Tinig ng Plaridel tried to reach Habon but he was not available for comment.

Migriño said she did not know why three of their candidates were not included in the list, but their campaign managers and ISA president Enzo Araullo have spoken to College Secretary Lourdes Portus about it.

“Worst case scenario is hindi mapayagan yung candidates namin tumakbo in which case tuloy pa rin ang laban namin sa ISA (The worst case scenario is if our candidates are not allowed to run, in which case ISA will still continue its fight),” said Migriño.

Su said he, Laungayan and Mengote had received letters from Portus saying they must appear before the College Student Electoral Board (CSEB) to explain “problems” in their applications for candidacy.

“We feel na na-select namin sila (that we were able to select them) as students who are capable of serving the college,” said Su, referring to Laungayan and Mengote as part of ISA’s ticket.

Eligio said their party was surprised that ISA chose Su as its standard-bearer because he took a leave of absence (LOA) from the college last semester.

“Hindi kami nasurprise na madidisqualify siya (We weren’t surprised that he would be disqualified),” said Eligio.

“Hindi ko alam kung hindi nila alam yung rules, pero kung hindi nila alam, that says something dun sa paano nila inaaral yung election rules (I don’t know if they (ISA) don’t know the rules, but if they don’t, that says something about how they studied the election rules).”

“As for now, we’re very hopeful na magiging maganda ang turnout ng appeal namin (that our appeal would turnout good).” Migriño said.

The members of the CSEB are Prof. Danilo Arao of the Journalism department, Prof. Mel Estonilo of the Broadcast Communication department, Harry Bayona, Broadcast Communication student and Nadine Escalona, Communication Research student.

Portus and members of the CSEB are not available for comment as of press time.

Candidates have until Feb. 2 to file protests for the list of candidates. The final list of candidates shall be released on Feb. 4.


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