The College Student Electoral Board (CSEB) released on Jan. 28 the first list of candidates for the College of Mass Communication student council.

Parties were given until Feb. 2, 5 p.m. to to file any protest. The final list was posted on Feb. 4.

Katherine Molina- STAND-UP
Sherwin Ian Su-ISA

Erika Paola Migrino- ISA
Romeo Remigio- STAND-UP

Kirstin Jello Bernabe- STAND-UP
Pamela Hazel Po- ISA

Ruby Ann Catubay- ISA
Kristine Abigail Lingbaoan- STAND-UP

Broadcast Communication Representatives:
Mark Rodel Marmol- STAND-UP
Denise Michelle Yalung- STAND-UP
Jan Kevin Rivera- ISA
Roxanne UY- ISA

Communication Research Representatives:
Lorelei Olalia- STAND-UP
Raainah Punzalan- STAND-UP
Joanna Francesca Teresa- ISA

Film Institute Representatives
Jan Patrick Pineda- STAND-UP
Anna Maria Andrea Tatad- STAND-UP
Michaela Cecilia Gomez- ISA
Vincent Philip Pacleb- ISA

Journalism Representatives:
Gail Orduna- STAND-UP
Norman Lee Benjamin Riego- STAND-UP
Jacques Jimeno- ISA
Marica Armina Yu- ISA

Graduate Studies Representative:
Andrea Galindo- STAND-UP

College Representative
Nigel Patrick Cornel–ISA

Source: College of Mass Communication Student Electoral Board (CSEB)


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