By Ernica de Guzman

The Faculty-Student Relations Committee (FSRC) proposed June 16 to drop the “no grade of 4.0” rule for officers among other changes to the annually-amended Guidelines for College of Mass Communication-based student organizations.

The committee decided to remove the guideline provision that an officer “should not have incurred a grade of 4.0 in the previous semester” after 10 out of the 12 CMC-recognized organizations voted against the College Executive Board (CEB) definition of “good academic standing,” which meant not acquiring a grade 4.0 or 5.0.

Representatives from 16 student organizations reasoned out that 4.0 is “not failing” and can still be removed to get a grade of 3.0, which is a passing grade according to university rules.

UP Journalism Club president John Antiquerra also proposed to decrease the required minimum number of members from 15 to 10. He reasoned out that some organizations have a lot of officers because of specialized committees.

None of the organizations objected to this suggestion. FSRC included it in the proposed amendments to be submitted to the CEB.

Additions to the guidelines

Also raised was a proposal to add a provision saying that the CEB can deliberate the number of organizations that can apply for recognition, and not just based on the “per department” counting.

Currently, the guidelines state that there can only be “two per department, or eight department-based organizations” and “six inter-departmental organizations”.

Former CMC chairperson Marian Santos, who attended the meeting as a representative from the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights-UP (STAND-UP), referred to the case last year when three film organizations were granted college recognition.

Santos said that since the maximum number of organizations that the college can recognize was not reached then, an additional organization that was based in film was allowed to be approved.

The guidelines state that the maximum number of organizations that the college can grant recognition is 16, including the Student Council and graduate Students’ Association.

Until recognition, organizations are not allowed benefits such as availing locker space, free use of the college auditorium for four hours each semester, and holding events, either by the college which they are based, or the university.

The FSRC committee was composed of one faculty member from the Broadcast Communication, Journalism, Communication Research, and Film departments, student council chairperson Rupert Mangilit, the graduate studies association chairperson, student organization representatives and the college secretary Lourdes Portus.

The proposed amendments will be deliberated by the CEB. Their final decision will be released on June 22. Deadline for college recognition is on July 7, 5pm.


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