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Tinig ng Plaridel /

The Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA) and Student Alliance for Democratic Rights in UP (Stand-UP) have released their General Program of Actions (GPOA) for the upcoming elections. Find the similarities and differences in terms of their proposed projects.

(check) = Party mentions item in their GPOA/SPOA
(blank) = GPOA/SPOA does not include it

Project idea



Consultation with students and administration regarding college issues

“push for transparency, compromise, and dialogue for issues regarding laboratory fees, open consultation with administration and regularize talks between administration and CMC-SC”

“No To XOXO: a campaign to push for a moratorium on pending laboratory and rental fees hike and the scrapping of imposed exorbitant fees”

Empowerment of Council of Representatives (COR)

organizations will host COR meetings

regularize dialogues between organizations and student council

open COR meetings

EnCORe: “energize the council of representatives. Letting organizations to host meetings and set agenda”

Strengthening / empowerment of department teams by including them in CMC-SC constitution


Strengthening ties with alliances such as KASAMA SA UP, SHOUT NOW!, UMAKSYON, Youth Act Now, etc.


Suggestions for improvement of DZUP

DZUP Nandito Ako “coordinate with other colleges to widen the reach and increase listeners of DZUP”

Push for repair of speakers under skywalk

Tapping other colleges and students to work for DZUP

Expanding of coverage within the university

Coordination with / Empowerment of Graduate Students Association

Push for inclusion of GSA representative to SC under the SC constitution

Coordinate and collaborate with graduate students for college activities

FGD (Forge Ties, Get Together, Disseminate)”a set of programs that aims to give graduate students a sense of belongingness in the college”

Student council website

post regular announcements on COR decisions and activities

CMC Interactive: posting of student works on a section of the site

Go uploaded minutes of the SC meetings are, posted statements and directories

Creation of web helpdesk and forums board

Store that sell items that students need (tapes, medicine, pens)


Printing services



Electricity for SC office


College drinking fountain


Space utilization

(idle spaces for organization activities)

(free use of SC office for meetings)

Push for open use of computer labs


Conversion of readings to PDF format


Boost wireless signal in college


Utilization of existing means of communication

Utilize mailing lists such as masocista yahoo group,

CMCentral: “threading existing communication platforms with new to effectively inform and serve the students”

Text hotline for feedback


Empowerment of student-interest groups such as Wildcats, Himig Maskom, Mass Commotion



Lobbying for organization representative in Faculty-Student Relations Committee


Basic masses integration


Tie-up with professors for photo visits, docu making, news writing and participative research


Tie-up with NGOs, mainstream companies and foundations


Video exhibit during Mass Media Awareness month


Freshmen orientation

Project Headstart: Plaridel 101 (orientation assembly), FreSHTr directory (database of contact details), La Solodarity Night (acquaintance party)

Awareness campaign on 2010 election

Best Ad and PSA, SWS surveys and reports, awareness SAA, bills passed online

Bring registration to CMC

Fund raising

Selling CMC shirt and CMC planner

Christmas tree dedication


CMC Learn (resume writing, video editing, audio editing, marketing workshop, experimental photography, software workshops)

(integrated in department SPOAs)

SPOA for Broadcast Communication Department

Project idea



Orientation and special projects for BC freshies, shiftees and transferees


Information dissemination on curriculum matters

“in preparation for pre-advising week”

“constructing a concrete schedule of the professor’s consultation hours:

Dialogue with alumni

Focusing on “success stories”

“give inspiring talks and provide students with information and insights into field”

Production workshops

Focuses on make-up and dress

Probing of exorbitant and questionable BD fees


Asserting of transparent student-faculty consultations

Open dialogues on new curriculum and individual thesis-making policy

Fund raising

Creation of “recycling bin” where students could donate their productions (proceeds will go to ScripTOfolio

Creation of portfolios

ScripTOfolio: automatic portfolios of production at end of semesters

Community immersions

(documentaries and PSA as outputs)

College-wide airings and evaluations of productions


Media tours


Intersection of college department

“exchange of knowledge and equipments among students of different departments”

SPOA for Communication Research Department




Promotion of Communication Research as a course

(to high school students)

Forums on job opportunities


Solicitation of funds from alumni and donors


Semestral pay for electric socket usage


Compilation of research works

(online; password protected)

Online database of sources for literature


Push for more democratic departmental decision-making system on DERP topic, etc.


Promotion of grassroots research as alternative

(grassroots community paper presentation, connecting to institutions, organization and publication)

Dissemination of studies to high school campuses, colleges, universities, etc.


Solidarity night of Comm Res students

(where participation against commercialization will be encouraged)

SPOA for Film Department




Film festival

(revival of UP film festival)

(each film organization will produce films, it will be open to the university

Casting fair


Film workshops


Donation of films to AV library


Creation of online database on film matters

(list of available films in AV library, inventory of equipment available, schedule of borrowing of equipment, films featured at Cine Adarna, database of contacts for location, cast, equipment rentals, etc)

Start tradition of featuring a filmmaker per semester


Gallery of film-related materials during Mass Media Awareness Month


Consultations between film students and faculty, student council, and among the students


Community immersion

(docus and PSA to be shown at Cine Adarna as trailers and will be featured at MMAM)

SPOA for Journalism Department




Journalism Workshops

Called The Pen dialogues

Called Coffee Write Up

Empowering freshies, shiftees and transferees

Called Journalism Primer: an orientation about the basics of journalism profession, its perks, challenges and career opportunities

Called Kalayaan Express: include a series of activities including a talent night

Creation of beat directory


Assisting Tinig ng Plaridel and

(increase the popularity, aid in recruitment

Community immersion

(teaching of basic journalism to community)

Regularize department assemblies


Solidarity night

Called Journ us



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