By Hon Sophia Balod
Tinig Ng Plaridel/

Camerata, the only party running in the College of Music Student Council Elections this year, officially released its General Program of Action (GPOA) today, barely a week before elections.

Anna Achacoso, incumbent Music representative and candidate for SC Chairperson, said Camerata prioritized to campaign for Kris Dionisio who is currently running as the college representative from Alyansa ng mga Mag-aaral para sa Panlipunang Katwiran at Kaunlaran (ALYANSA).

“Kris’ campaign is more crucial because she is competing with a political rival. Camerata, on the other hand, has no one to compete with,” Achacoso said in Filipino.

Dionisio is competing with Catherine Razo of Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND-UP).

Achacoso clarified that while Camerata supports Dioniso, it does not necessarily mean that it supports ALYANSA as a whole.

“Majority of Camerata are ALYANSA supporters but it is up to the members’ individual discretions if they will support the entire party or not,” Achacoso added.

Achacoso was also an ALYANSA candidate when she ran as college representative in 2008.

While the GPOA may be available to students today, Camerata’s official campaign will start next week. The campaign will include room-to-room promotions and the giving of flyers.

Camerata’s GPOA focuses on lobbying for more practice rooms, equipment and other facilities for the students.

“Since the culture and attitude of most Music students is to practice and practice their pieces, we thought it might be useless if we organize so many college activities when what they really need are facilities they can use,” Achacoso said.

“We will also propose a building for practice rooms to the admin. It is a long-term goal that we want to achieve,” she added.

According to Achacoso, low student participation in SC-organized activities has been a persistent problem in the college. Achacoso cited the low voter’s turn-out in the recently-held Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection (CRSRS) referendum.

In addressing the problem, Camerata aims to bring university-wide issues and campaigns in the college through room-to-room promotion, forums and consultation.

“I don’t think Music students are apathetic. They just need to be more informed. They have different ways to raise their concerns or opinions,” Achacoso said.

Other plans include a seminar on Music Management to help the students in preparing and “packaging” themselves when they are hired for performances. Camerata also proposes a semestral recital, a fundraising concert showcasing the talents of different departments in the college.


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