By Ernica de Guzman

College of Mass Communication (CMC) secretary Lourdes Portus suggested Tuesday the purchase of seven “kubo” (huts) as temporary substitute for tambayans during the first Faculty-Student Relations Committee (FSRC) meeting.

Portus, also the chair of the FSRC, said that the administration would try to purchase the huts to address the continuing plea of the student organizations for tambayans. She also mentioned that they get complaints from professors about students blocking passageways in CMC such as the staircases and corridors.

Estimated at P30,000, one hut can accommodate two organizations, the college secretary said. Portus suggested that the council and organizations raise funds for the purchase of more huts if the seven that the administration is willing to provide will not suffice.

Some student organization representatives said the administration could just add the money for the huts to the money needed for the construction of the permanent structure of the tambayans. But Portus replied that even if the money for the huts is added to the existing capital for tambayan construction, the amount needed to build the tambayan complex is still inadequate.

CMC chairperson Rupert Mangilit said he still prefer a more permanent structure or the tambayan complex for the organizations. For the meantime, if the organizations clamor for a place to stay for comfort’s sake, he is willing to push through with the proposal.

“What’s important is that the students have their own space,” said Mangilit in an interview with Tinig Ng Plaridel. “Now if they still need additional units, maybe we could work together to lobby for it.”

He also said that communication with the college administration regarding the construction of tambayans, such as asking for updates, would still be continued.

“Let’s not allow them to be complacent that just because they provided [organizations] with huts, they wouldn’t push through with the plan of the [Office of the Campus Architect]. First, there’s already a plan. Second, there’s already funding so what’s their excuse not to do it?” said Mangilit.

He added that in the event the huts are no longer needed in lieu of the permanent tambayans, spaces in the complex can be given to recognized organizations while the huts can be used by students and unrecognized organizations.

Mangilit said that he will discuss these matters with CMC Dean Roland Tolentino on the 22nd or 23rd.

Room M201, the former tambayan complex was transformed into a classroom in 2007. Moreover, the tambayans in the building between CMC and Media Center were also deconstructed in 2007. A room in this building is now the student council office and another room is allotted for the lockers of the organizations.


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