By Ernica de Guzman
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The two parties vying for positions during this year’s College of Mass Communication (CMC) Student Council elections are both claiming that their platforms best represent students’ needs and issues.

According to standard-bearer Jali Fernando, Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA) party will release its expanded general plan of action (GPOA) on Tuesday to ensure that the needs of the students are addressed.

“There have been very good suggestions that we will be including in our expanded GPOA this coming week. You’ll just have to look out for that,” she said.

ISA’s platform was earlier presented on the first week of the campaign period. It included plans of organizing an internship and job fair and media workshops. It also suggested empowering CMC interest groups such as Himig Maskom, Wild Cats and Mass Commotion and holding a dialogue with students before drafting a college statement on an issue.

She added, “From the very beginning, ISA made it clear that its platform is centered on the students. Although we acknowledge that we cannot separate ourselves from national and university issues, ISA believes that the duty of the Student Council of Mass Communication (as the name suggests) is first and foremost to serve the students in Mass Comm.”

Stand-UP GPOA released today

Rupert Mangilit, candidate for chairperson from rival party Student Alliance for Democratic Rights in UP (Stand-UP), said his party not only offers more specific and long-term projects, but that its plans also reflect what the students asked for during its efforts to consult them.

“Orgs are asking what we can temporarily provide while there aren’t any tambayans yet and what space we can give to unrecognized orgs. Film students asked what we can do to address the inefficiencies of the process of borrowing equipment and archives. BC department asked how we can go about the individual thesis policy. Students generally clamored for more efficient means of information dissemination,” Mangilit said.

Released today, Stand-UP’s GPOA and specific plans of action (SPOA) were formed during the party’s consultation with students during its room-to-room and organization-to-organization campaigns over the past week.

Mangilit said, “We encourage students to offer their skills and talents to the community and the basic masses.”

Stand-UP is also pushing for CMC to link with alliances within the university to push forward student concerns, as “(Stand-UP’s) projects have always been based on college issues but we can’t do them alone as a college.”


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