Maskom FSTs elect new council, three seats left vacant

Freshies, shiftees and transferees (FSTs) of the UP College of Mass Communication have elected a new set of officers for Academic Year 2022-2023.

First-year communication research student Emili Joy Capule won as Vice Chairperson, garnering 94.9% of the votes. 

First-year journalism student Gnoiel Edelwiess Nazal was elected as the college representative to the University Freshie Council with 92.4% of the votes.

View the breakdown of votes per position here.

A total of 79 FSTs participated in the online election held from Oct. 6 to 7. As of writing, the CMC FST Council has yet to announce the total voter turnout.

Filling in the gaps

Currently, the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer slots remain vacant as no students ran for these positions. The FST Council opened the appointment process on Oct. 10 to fill these positions and will close applications on Oct. 14.

Applicants will be asked to submit their plans of action and undergo an interview with the outgoing Konse member in the position for which they are applying, FST Council elections committee co-head Carlo Maurillo said. 

Vice chairperson-elect Capule told Tinig ng Plaridel that while the vacancies remain unfilled, she and representative-elect Nazal will be taking the responsibilities of the chairperson and the secretary posts respectively.

Capule added that one of the department representatives-elect will also have to assume the duties of the treasurer.