by Nicole-Anne Lagrimas

The Student Alliance for Democratic Rights in UP – College of Arts and Letters (STAND UP CAL) maintained its dominance in the college as its slate clinched 12 of 15 seats in this year’s Student Council elections.

Incumbent College Representative to the University Student Council (USC) Monfred Sy will lead the CAL Student Council (CAL SC) next year as Chairperson, while Viktor Austria will represent the college to the USC. They are both from STAND UP CAL.

Meanwhile, the vice chairpersonship was clinched by KALikha: Kasama ka sa Paglikha ng Arte at Literatura Para sa Bayan (KALikha) bet Maria Jasmine Tan.

All seven councilor seats went to STAND UP CAL, as did all Department Representative posts except the Departments of European Languages and of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts, which were both won by KALikha candidates.

A total of 685 undergraduate and graduate students cast their votes yesterday, accounting for 47.27 percent of the 1449 registered voters in the college this year.

This turnout is .10 percentage points higher than last year’s, which was at 47.10 percent, electing Jowi Mariano, also from STAND UP CAL as Chairperson.

Voting at CAL was conducted at Palma Hall Pavilion Room 1123 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and went smoothly, according to poll clerks stationed in the voting center.

Here is the full list of winners, according to the unofficial list released by the CAL College Student Electoral Board:
College Representative to the USC

Viktor Elijah Austria (STAND UP) – 343
Angela Mae Tullo (UP ALYANSA) – 286

Monfred Carlos Sy (STAND UP) – 377
Francesca Mitchel Ofilada (KALIKHA) – 265
Abstain – 43

Vice Chairperson
Maria Jasmine L. Tan (KALIKHA) – 317
Gian Carlo Delgado (STAND-UP) – 304
Abstain – 64

John Isaac Punzalan (STAND UP) – 375
Marinella Andres (STAND UP) – 355
Alexa Valaree Salugsugan (STAND UP) – 346
Daniel Lorenzo Mariano (STAND UP) – 333
La Verne Perucho (STAND UP) – 309
Mairille Jann Merlin (STAND UP) – 288
Ma. Crisley Mae Espada (STAND UP) – 283
Mary Beatriz Gutierrez (KALIKHA) – 268
Krisha Marielle Beringuela (KALIKHA) – 234
Christian Armand De Vera (KALIKHA) – 233
Pia Pollaine Magaoay (KALIKHA) – 208
Mary Francis Grace Marzan (KALIKHA) – 205
Ryan Paulo Yurong (KALIKHA) – 201
Ariel Dave Cadahing (KALIKHA) – 194

Department of Art Studies Representative
Alyssandra Raiza Del Valle (STAND UP) – 35
Bea Agustin Guarin (KALIKHA) – 25
Abstain – 1

Department of English and Comparative Literature
Bridgette Nicole Diaz (STAND UP) – 98
Twinkle Anne Buot (KALIKHA) – 57
Abstain – 16

Department of European Languages Representative
Bernyce Mae Quinto (KALIKHA) – 73
Abstain – 50

Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikang Pilipino Representative
Jamaica Jian Gacoscosim (STAND UP) – 140
Abstain – 14

Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts Representative
Patricia Nicdao (KALIKHA) – 81
Diana Oblino (STAND UP) – 67
Abstain – 18


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