by Ma. Luisa A. Pineda

Catalyzing Actions Towards Advancement of Library and Information Science (CATALIS) bagged all posts for next year’s School of Library and Information Science Student Council (SLIS SC).

Unrivalled CATALIS standard-bearer Bryan Jerahmeel Yao is the new SLIS SC chairperson,, with running mate Rhianne Patricia Garcia as SLIS SC vice chairperson, with 107 and 139 votes respectively.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Rovir Jefferson Agner will be representing the college to the University Student Council after gaining 130 votes.

SLIS recorded 40.63 percent voter turnout as 167 out of 411 registered voters registered their votes in the Computer Laboratory 2. This year’s voter turnout broke last year’s record of 35.41 percent by around 5 percentage points.

The polls opened at around 8 a.m. and closed by 6 p.m. No technical glitches were recorded.

Below is the complete list of winners for SLIS:


Bryan Jerahmeel Yao (CATALIS) 107

Abstain 60


Vice Chairperson:

Rhianne Patricia Garcia (CATALIS) 139

Abstain 28


College Representative to the USC:

Rover Jefferson Agner (Ind) 130

Abstain 37



Jessie Angeli Bunao (CATALIS) 124

Simon Philip Sacramento (CATALIS) 124

Jude Miguel de Leon (CATALIS) 118

Kendrik Philipp Sio (CATALIS) 107

Abstain 19


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