By Pathricia Ann V. Roxas

College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Student Council (CSSP SC) councilor and Publications Committee Head Shaina Santos became emotional during the Pasabog 2016 CSSP SC debate Friday, as she admitted her party, BUKLOD CSSP, has been “politicking” inside the council.

Santos, who was part of the audience at the event, raised her sentiments when the hosts asked for the crowd’s opinion on the debate question, asked anonymously through Pasabog’s Facebook page, on why the council’s reKAPP release, highlights and official minutes of the General Assemblies (GA) of CSSP SC, on Facebook had stopped.

Santos said other BUKLOD members from the council pressured her to not let SALiGAN members in the council take over reKAPP’s publicity materials .

“Sorry talaga pero kailangan nyo malaman na nangyayari lahat ng issues sa loob ng publications committee kasi may politicking talaga sa loob ng council and I want it to stop (I’m really sorry but you have to know all the issues inside the Publications Committee, because there really is politicking in the council and I want it to stop),” Santos said.

“Someone told me not to assign Gelo Nicdao, a member of the Publications Committee, which is headed by me, the task of editing the GA reKAPP pubmats– a task that was already assigned to him–so I had to assign to him a different task,” Santos clarified in a separate interview.

However, Santos refused to identify the person.

“I don’t want want to drop anyone’s name, moreover antagonize the person. I am against that kind of system, and the person might just be a victim of that system,” Santos said. “However, I also want to assure you that the things I said were true.”

SALiGAN sa CSSP vice chairperson bet and incumbent Councilor Jamievee “JV” Bautista said they failed to continue releasing the minutes of their meeting since the end of last semester.

“We have been contacting our secretary general, Mr. Aaron to release all the minutes but he failed to release all these necessary documents,” he said.

Gabriela Sayon, BUKLOD’s vice chairperson candidate and incumbent councilor, apologized for not releasing the GA minutes online and on time, saying the problem could be attributed to the council being undermanned.

“I would like to apologize since we acknowledge that there were indeed lapses from our council in the layouting, uploading and publicizing of our minutes. However, I believe that this could be attributed to the fact that the council in general is greatly undermanned,” Sayon said.

“Si JV na mismo ang nagsabi na member siya ng secretariat committee so I think a more proactive move is that he should have helped Aaron since siya lang naman yung nagtatrabaho sa secretariat committee,” she added.

However, Bautista pointed out that unfair division of labor is also evident in the council.

“Nung na-distribute na mismo sa secretariat committee yung mga gawain, yung napunta sa akin, taga-print, taga-pa sign sa OSA,” he said.

“We are more than proactive because we’ve been contacting Aaron, hindi lang ako pati si Lakan, pero what happened, late pa rin hanggang ngayon wala pa,” Bautista said.

Sayon clarified that “Although the minutes are not available online, they are available at the office. And JV, I think you should have not stopped there.”

Meanwhile, Philosophy department representative hopeful John Carlo Katigbak, who is running as independent, said, “I think a possible solution is to have a footage of the GA kasi bilang mga future members of the council I think we have to be transparent to the constituents of the CSSP.”

Santos also told the candidates, “If you would win, I hope this ends now.”

On the other hand, in an attempt to get BUKLOD’s side, BUKLOD CSSP President Marian Llanes said they are yet to release an official statement on the incident.

“We plan to reply or issue an official statement, but Buklod CSSP has member organizations and we make it a point to consult them as well before issuing anything in public,” Llanes said.

Despite facing issues of alleged politicking inside the council, both political parties and independent candidate Katigbak unite against various college, university and national issues. The issues discussed were the proposed GE reform, the formation of consensus from student body, the violent dispersal of the farmers in Kidapawan, and the Coco Levy fund among others.

Pasabog is the annual CSSP SC elections debate spearheaded by the University of the Philippines Political Society. This year’s debate held at the Palma Hall lobby saw many supporters and spectators coming both from CSSP departments and outside the college.

Pasabog organizers also conducted a mock election survey before and during the debate. The mock election has 162 respondents, 40.7 percent coming from the Political Science department. The winners of the mock election survey are the following, and can also be accessed through Pasabog 2016 Facebook page:

Ileana Ysabel Cabochan (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 7
Abstain – 0

Kimberly Go Tian (BUKLOD CSSP) 5
Abstain – 0

Alexandra Mojica (BUKLOD CSSP) – 10
Abstain – 0

Jan Irminelle Silva-Llana (BUKLOD CSSP) – 5
Konika Kub-ao (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 0
Abstain – 0

John Carlo Katigbak (INDEPENDENT) – 9
Abstain – 0

Regina Bagaforo (BUKLOD CSSP) – 38
Althea Maliwanag (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 17
Abstain – 11

Jan Alec Eclipse (BUKLOD CSSP) – 30
Patricia Kimberly Chua (BUKLOD CSSP) – 29
Abstain – 2

Jenica Jae De Vera (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 23
Abstain – 5

Allyson Maraon (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 73
Lorenzo Relente (BUKLOD CSSP) – 68
Mariel Louise Cunanan (BUKLOD CSSP) – 66
Vien Carlo Mendez (BUKLOD CSSP) – 66
Christine Faye Dumagan (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 60
Philippie Jefferson Galban (BUKLOD CSSP) – 60
Maryan Hisham Casimiri (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 59
Isah Clarise Lilia (BUKLOD CSSP) – 57
Hanceely Marxell Villa (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 46
Abstain – 30

Ella Sayon (BUKLOD CSSP) – 62
Jamievee Bautista (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 57
Abstain – 43

Abstain – 82
Clarisse Anne Peralta (BUKLOD CSSP) – 80

Amer Madcasim Jr. (BUKLOD CSSP) – 73
Lakan Umali (SALiGAN sa CSSP) – 73
Abstain – 16

Meanwhile, The Pasabog team reminded that the mock election survey is “not representative of the vote of the whole CSSP. Only those who attended the event were able to participate in this survey.”


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