Basement: Maskom Moments Day 4

Last January, Tinig ng Plaridel released a call for contributions of their stories of love and loss within Plaridel Hall, the home of College of Mass Communication students. Of all submissions, seven entries were chosen for a week-long run as a pre-Valentine’s Day series. 



By Laya (Broadcast Communication)


February 2012.

In that small room at the college’s basement, where it wasn’t exactly tidy – cabinets on the side, banners, paint and paper on the floor, there was only a long table separating him from me.

It was just the two of us, waiting for others to come. He was the instructor then in an educational discussion about peasants, women, and youth.

“This is my chance,” I thought. He was fixing his laptop, arranging his notes beside him. My heart started beating fast and my hands became restless, but then finally… I told him that I like him and asked him the question that I have been longing to know the answers.

He was shocked. Silent… but he seemed confused and sorry. He went near me and told me softly (yet I know he just gave me reasons to keep me from being hurt) that he liked me too but he wasn’t ready for commitment.

I listened, and with a forced grin, I said it’s fine, that I’ve never really expected anything. Fortunately, another person came, cutting the air of rejection in the atmosphere. And in the silence of that bitter morning, we started the discussion, as if nothing happened.


(Entries submitted to Tinig ng Plaridel are subject to technical editing by a member of the Features staff.)


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