UP ALYANSA changes tune on “powerless” sectors

Article by Jo Comuyog

CLAIM: UP ALYANSA chairperson candidate Daine Torregosa said that the party does not believe that the masses are powerless. Rather, “[It’s] the political structures we have right now, the systemic oppression we’re experiencing, that render us disempowered.”

Torregosa was responding to questions scrutinizing the party’s plans of action and online releases supposedly implying a “powerless” constituency at the UPFront 2021: Magpakilala and Magtagisan Forums held today, June 7.

When asked the same question at the Office of Student Projects and Activities’ student organization webinar “Talaban 2” last June 5, Torregosa echoed the same tune, “In UP ALYANSA, we don’t believe the masses are powerless. Because in this current context, we are rendered disempowered by the current situation.”

CONTEXT: UP ALYANSA’s plans of action mention “marginalized, oppressed, and powerless sectors of our society” under their national campaigns

Since 2013, at least 28 of the party’s Facebook posts mention the word “powerless,” mostly used in the buzz phrase “marginalized, oppressed and powerless sectors.” 
According to these posts, “powerless” sectors include farmers, fisherfolk, Martial Law victimsindigenous people, people with additional needs, COVID-19 frontliners, women, victims of extrajudicial killings (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), the LGBTQIA+ community (1, 2), laborers (1, 2, 3, 4), and the urban poor (1, 2).

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