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Third Bagro from ALYANSA and Airah Cadiogan from STAND-UP won as the chairperson and vice chairperson respectively of the University Student Council. This year’s university-wide election had a 45.91% turnout, with 10,168 out of 22,148 enrolled students casting their votes, or a

The 12 councilors consist of Villanueva (#1), Dizon(#2),Tajar (#3), Cañete(#7), Maestro (#8), Eroles (#9) and Bueno (#10) from STAND-UP, Tismal (#4), Larcia (#6), Gutierrez (#11) andLumbera (#12) fromALYANSA and Castillo (#5), an independent candidate.

Boto ni Isko 2008 Update: ISA BC rep bets speak on college issues



Sherwin Su

Randolph Longjas

Candidates for Broadcast Communication department representatives Sherwin Ian Su (above) and Randolph Longjas (below) of the Interdependent Student-Centered Activism Party (ISA) expound their views on the different college-based issues to the TNP staff. The interviews were conducted on Wednesday, Feb. 20. (Photos by Neil Jerome C. Morales)