Botong Isko: University Student Council

Breakdown of votes for the 2014 USC elections

USC Chair votes:


Erra Zabat (STAND UP) – 3034

Carla Gonzalez (KAISA) – 1416

Abstain – 2032


USC Vice Chair votes:


Neefa Macapado (STAND UP) – 3894

Ram Tomaneng (KAISA) – 766

Abstain – 1791



1. Jethro David (Independent) – 4,286

2. Raymond Rodis (Independent) – 4,136

3. V Manalo (ALYANSA) – 3,743

4. Mico Pangalangan (STAND UP) – 3,557

5. Reg Rodriguez (ALYANSA) – 3,357

6. Reg Punzalan (KAISA) – 3,340

7. Tolits Tanaka (ALYANSA) – 3,185

8. Walter Tamayo (ALYANSA) – 3,003

9. Carl Santos (STAND UP) – 2,962

10. Pola Lamarca (ALYANSA) – 2,923

11. AJ Montesa (ALYANSA) – 2,779

12. Jamie Bawalan (ALYANSA) – 2,726




Asian Insitute of Tourism: Ma. Cristine Bactol, START-AIT

College of Arts and Letters: Leslie Anne Marie Corpuz, STAND UP

College of Business Administration: Raphael Aaron Letaba,ALYANSA

College of Education: Tricia Roxas, TUGON

College of Engineering: Leo Lobigan, ALYANSA and CherylSiy, KAISA

College of Fine Arts: Ana Patricia Non, STAND UP

College of Home Economics: Sarah Esguerra, LEAD-CHE

College of Human Kinetics: Roi Kevin Marcial, ALYANSA

College of Law: Hannah Keila Garcia, Independent

College of Mass Communication: John Benedict Opinion,STAND UP

College of Music: Gabby Tinio, CAMERATA

College of Science: Ryan Lintao, KAISA

College of Social Sciences and Philosophy: Allan Pangilinan, BUKLOD CSSP

College of Social Work and Community Development: Audrey Antoniano, STAND UP

National College of Public Administration and Governance: Mikhail Solitario, Independent

School of Economics: Franzine Foronda, ALYANSA

School of Library and Information Studies: Ann Tan, STAND UP

School of Statistics: Cris Ian Mendoza, ALYANSA  


USC Voter turnout: 48.07% or 11,626 of 24,188 votes

 from Celine Isabelle Samson, Dexter Cabalza and Melissa Luz Lopez

Author: TNP

The Official Student Publication of the UP College of Mass Communication.