First Official List of Candidates for the CMCSC Elections 2011

STAND-UP enters a complete slate while ISA does not field candidates for Film Representatives. The position of Graduate Studies Representative has been removed from the ballot, while an Independent candidate enters the race for Journalism Representative.


Catubay, Ruby Ann Pauline (ISA)

Riego, Norman Lee Benjamin (STAND-UP)

Vice Chairperson

Labadlabad, Clariz (ISA)

Yalung, Denise Michelle (STAND-UP)


Baleva, Alisa (ISA)

Cristobal, Mely Anne Emerie (STAND-UP)


Acielo, Johanna Marie Astrid (STAND-UP)

Manlunas, Margie Marie (ISA)

Broadcast Communication Representatives

Acaylar, EA Geiska (STAND-UP)

Ghodsinia, Farahnaz  (ISA)

Manoguid, Emmanuel (ISA)

Roca, Thomas Benjamin (STAND-UP)

Communication Research Representatives

Abrillo, Sheryll Bebien (STAND-UP)

Carabeo, Diana Marie (ISA)

Cucueco, Carla Patrice (ISA)

Escalona, Nadine Anne (STAND-UP)

Film Representatives

Filio, Chanelle (STAND-UP)

Quesada, Isabel Maria Luz (STAND-UP)

Journalism Representatives

Britanico, Lysa Marie Angeli (Independent)

Dela Torre, Katrine Daiane (ISA)

Guinmapang, Lois Joy (ISA)

Torres, Sarah Isabelle (STAND-UP)

Urrutia, Mario III (STAND-UP)

CMC Representative to the USC

Orduña, Gail (STAND-UP)

Rivera, Jan Kevin (ISA)

Source: College Student Electoral Board

Author: TNP

The Official Student Publication of the UP College of Mass Communication.

  • Concerned Student

    galingan niyo na lang mangampanya. at sa iba bumoto nang tama. dami pang sinasabing shitty crapola.

  • resdd

    ‘Don’t badger me. Bababa muna ako sa level mo.’

    Tama ba namang sagot yan sa isang lehitimong kumento Jake Rivera? Tapos ginawa mo pang manduro sa harap ng maraming tao.

    Nakakahiya ka.

  • :)

    Hi resdd!

    FYI: Jake Rivera said “Stop badgering me.” not “Don’t badger me.” Oh and it’s an acceptable phrase used in debates. You probably didn’t know that. Plus, it is really RUDE to comment loudly during debates especially if you’re not a participant in the debate. For the participants, they can say “point” (to question a statement while the other speaker is talking in which the asker is given 30 seconds to ask the speaker his/her question), “shame” or “here”

    Now that it’s clear, sino ang bastos?:)