CMC announces student council election winners

CMC elections end with seven winners from STAND UP-CMC, five from ISA and one independent in the council. STAND UP-CMC claims three out of four executive positions, while ISA wins the Broadcast Communication and Communication Research departments

Film reps: Chanelle Filio- 77 (STAND-UP); Isabel Maria Luz Quesada- 72 (STAND-UP)
Journ reps: Mario Urrutria III- 86 (STAND-UP); Lysa Marie Angeli Britanico- 115 (Independent)
BC reps: Emmanuel Manoguid- 118 (ISA); Farahnaz Ghodsinia-  136 (ISA)
Comm Res: Diana Marie Carabeo- 55 (ISA); Carla Patrice Cucueco-78 (ISA)
Treasurer: Margie Marie Manlunas (ISA)- 288
Secretary: Mely Anne Emerie Maye Cristobal- 303 (STAND-UP)
V-Chairperson: Denise Michelle Yalung- 346 (STAND-UP)
Chairperson: Norman Lee Benjamin Riego- 320 (STAND-UP)
CMC Rep: Gail Orduna- 318 (STAND-UP)

(Manual votes not included)

Author: TNP

The Official Student Publication of the UP College of Mass Communication.

  • Student

    Can you include the number of votes for all candidates, as well as the number of ‘abstain’ votes, para makita na rin yung margin between them? Thanks.