Local party ISA dominates CMC polls; STAND UP CMC wins 6 of 14 seats

From left: Sherwin Su, Nigel Coronel, and B-an Catubay of ISA during the Hot Off the Grill debate at CMC. Photo by Joshua Dalupang
From left: Sherwin Su, Nigel Coronel, and B-an Catubay of ISA during the Hot Off the Grill debate at CMC. Photo by Joshua Dalupang
Photo by Joshua Dalupang

By Katherine Elona

Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA) won all the top positions in the College of Mass Communication (CMC) elections, while Student Alliance as the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP-CMC (STAND-UP-CMC) only clinched five spots as the department representatives.

ISA’s Nigel Cornel won as CMC Representative with 457 votes, with 188 students voting to abstain.

The next CMC-Student Council (CMC-SC) will be led by Sherwin Su of ISA, who won as chairperson with 319 votes, beating STAND-UP’s Katherine Molina who got 296 votes.

ISA’s Rix Migriño, who got 346 votes as opposed to STAND-UP’s JR Remigio’s 182 votes, will be the next CMC-SC Vice Chairperson.

ISA’s Pam Po won as secretary with 341 votes, and B-an Catubay from the same party won as treasurer with 360 votes. Their opponents from STAND-UP Kirstin Bernabe as Secretary and Abigail Lingbaoan as Treasurer got 243 and 215 votes respectively.

ISA’s Jake Rivera and Rox Uy who both got 144 votes are the next Broadcast Communication Representatives. STAND-UP’s Den Yalung got 79 votes.

All representatives from the journalism and film departments are from STAND-UP. Gail Orduna, with 102 votes, and Norman Riego with 84 votes are the next journalism representatives, while Dreps Tatad, with 61 votes and Jan Pineda with 65 votes are the next Film Institute Representatives.

ISA’s candidates for journalism representatives Mica Yu and Jacques Jimeno got 65 and 80 votes respectively, while their bets for Film Institute representatives Vinnie Pacleb and Maika Gomez only got 43 and 40 votes respectively.

The next communication research representatives are ISA’s Cheska Teresa, with 98 votes, and STAND-UP’s Ainah Punzalan, with 58 votes. Oya Olalia of STAND-UP got 35 votes.

Andrea Galindo won as graduate studies representative with 6 votes, as 5 graduate students opted to abstain.

CMC garnered a 59.68% voter turnout this year, a marked improvement from last year’s 57%.

Local party ISA dominates CMC polls; STAND UP CMC wins 6 of 14 seats

Author: TNP

The Official Student Publication of the UP College of Mass Communication.

  • hindi burgis

    This is crazy. It just goes to show that the students in UP have changed in mentality.

  • petiburgis

    sa maskom lang actually ang ganito, “like, you know?”… delikado… sobrang delikado… pero pagbigyan natin ang brand new na konseho… tingnan natin kung ano kaya nilang gawin…

  • tamang burgis lang

    “changed in mentality” = definitely a good thing.

  • samasa

    This is disappointing, not only because most of my and my friends’ personal choices didn’t win, but also because the “now-dominating” party is still boxed in the idea of student-centrism without understanding that these are all rooted in national issues. Considering that WE belong in the College of Mass Communication, there is a need to immerse in advocacies that promote change. Now, I’m not implying that the winning party has no capacity to push towards the agenda of the masses, but the fact that they chose to promote a stand that is more egocentric than selfless makes their intentions transparent.

    Well, then, I hope the ISA Chair will actually prove his worth in his term. =)

  • burgisburgisan

    I think this is wonderful. It’s time for a new CMC. Let’s see how this council runs the college. Honestly, I’m sick and tired of the other party’s platform – to address national issues and so on. But the real question is what has it done to the college and the CMC students? They’ve been clamoring on for 13 years, every year the same thing and yet where are the solutions? I used to support the other party but now I think this new council can address the concerns of the students and at the same time national issues.

    I would just like to point out that the platform of the dominating party now, the way I understood it, isn’t egocentric because they plan to give services, opportunities, etc. to the college. Which is the main purpose of the student council.

    I believe in this new council and what they can do to the college. Let this be a challenge for them to prove themselves given that it’s only their first time to have majority seats.

    The students have spoken. Cheers to the new CMC student council. Hope you do good in CMC.

  • malaking burgesya komprador

    Bawal ang bitter.

  • ruth miguel

    WOW. results. -_-

    familiar names, congrats! 🙂

  • sumusobra

    Now it is time for a public apology, Mr. Su. For getting the TCG of two CMC students without their consent. Hindi enough ang nag-sorry ka sa isa sa kanila through TEXT. Ipaalam mo sa buong CMC ang pagkakamali mo.

  • lumpen prolet

    Burgisburgisan’s comment exemplifies student-centric individualism: the wanton need for instant gratification instead of acknowledging the protracted character of the Philippines’ struggle for genuine democracy. Student councils should indeed provide student services to satiate the immediate needs of the studentry, and I believe no particular council in the past years of UP have failed to do so. So what is it that ISA promises to deliver that hasn’t been delivered already before?

    We are forgetting that the main purpose of the student council is not to be a mere whore to student populism, but to be a consultative leader in moulding its constituents to engage in its campaigns for its democratic rights. Not just to feed them fish but to teach them how to catch it, as the proverbial saying goes. We are also forgetting that the term “student council” emerged from an earlier, and I think more appropriate, term: the “student union.” Student Union, hindi Student Cooperative. Oks? Know the difference.

  • marie