CMC Wildcats exits Diliman Cup with controversial loss

by Aaron Simon Caparaz

The CMC Wildcats was eliminated from the Diliman Games (Basketball) after suffering a 40-41 controversial defeat against the College of Education (CE) last February 8.

Team captain Christian Moses Del Rosario, sank a 3-pointer during the last seconds to force an overtime but officials awarded only two points insisting that Del Rosario was stepping at the three point line when the shot was made.

Players from both sides agreed that the shot was behind the arc but the officials stuck with their decision, ending any title hopes for the Wildcats this year.

The CE led the Wildcats eight to nine at the end of the first quarter.

Forward Mario Santos led the Wildcats in the second quarter scoring six of the team’s nine points while the CE only managed to score six points. The wildcats ended the first half leading their opponents by 2 points, 16-14.

The Wildcats suffered a dry spell in the third scoring only five points while CE scored 17 points extending their lead to 10 points at the end of the quarter, 21-31.

The Wildcats rallied in the fourth quarter cutting the lead of the CE 41-38 with less than a minute to go.

Del Rosario netted the final shot of the game bringing the Wildcats a point behind their opponents 40-41.

A win for the Wildcats would have boosted them to second place in the bracket with a standing of 3 wins and 2 losses plus a better point differential than bracket rivals College of Science  who lost their last game against the College of Social Science and Philosophy, 28-81.

Author: Franz Jonathan G. de la Fuente (TNP)

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  • tochi

    CMC Wildcats, NUMBER ONE!

    Ang guwapo pa ng mga yan–except July. Kidding! Super galing nga ni Julio eh.

  • gian

    correction lang po sa last paragraph. yung CS ang natalo sa CSSP, not the other way around.

    GO TEAM! RAWR! 😀