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Plaridel Hall is the home of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, the academic community Tinig ng Plaridel primarily serves.

Tinig ng Plaridel, the official student publication of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, came to existence in 1978, when then-President Ferdinand Marcos’ repressive machinery was at its deadliest and most desperate times. Amid this critical scenario, student journalists of the Institute of Mass Communication (now the College of Mass Communication) promoted freedom of expression through writing and publishing their own sentiments in print.

Years reduced the publication to near-dormancy as less issues came out. Financial setbacks and the lack of writers accounted for TNP’s irregular release of issues. Despite these problems, TNP struggled to remain the media arm of the college by adapting to the times. It briefly put out a magazine format in the late ‘80s and went online in the late ‘90s.

In an attempt to release the newspaper despite financial constraints, TNP underwent a “wall news” revolution in 2005. The issues were posted in the college and even in UP dormitories. In the same year, TNP was also given airtime by DZUP 1602 to broadcast 30-minute commentaries on pertinent issues affecting the college.

TNP prides in trailblazing paths in campus journalism. The publication innovated coverage of the student council elections in 2008 through a broadcast partnership dubbed “Boto ni Isko ’08” with DZUP. With the first fully-automated 2009 student council elections, TNP began a tradition of thorough and comprehensive election coverage, in partnership with other university student publications. TNP received the most website views of any publication covering the election that year.

Through tinigngplaridel.net and other social networking media, news updates and reportage have become quicker and more convenient for TNP’s CMC and even university audience.

Now, TNP is not just back on its feet. It is also set to expand to the radio and television media as it strengthens its print and online arm. Investigative reports and internal and external training will also be given a significant attention by the publication.

Let your voice be heard. Inform and be informed.


Academic Year 2015-2016



Associate Editor for Print and Online

Associate Editor for TV

Managing Editor

News Editor

Features Editor

Sports Editor

Art Director



TINIG NG PLARIDEL is a member of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) and SOLIDARIDAD (UP Systemwide Alliance of Student Publications and Writers’ Organizations), and is an academic partner of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR).

  • edmark san antonio

    bat wala ako sa mga staff?

  • Anna Florence Sontillano

    Hi TNP team,

    I guess, in your short write-up you should also include the history of the TNP team who revived it, the wall news revolution and the radio program it had with DZUP.

    I guess it’s but right you give that team some credit.


    Anna Florence Sontillano
    TNP Editor in Chief 2006

  • Hello

    My name is Carlos Juan, I´m the Head Project and the editor-in-chie of ‘e-Dyario’, a new digital press made in Mandaluyong with Pilipino writers but with all it´s articles written in spanish. We provide from Monday to Friday a wide journalistic overview about Philippines life to web surfers fluent in written spanish interested in RP.

    I´d like to beg permission to use one of the pics related to student demostrations. We´ll write in the caption the words ‘courtesy of (name and surname) from http://www.tinigngplaridel.net‘ (cortesía de (nombre y apellido) de http://www.tinigngplaridel.net).
    Anyway, if you decide that pic´s can´t be used even showing clearly the source, please tell us and no more requests will be send

    Thanks in advance

    Carlos Juan Juan
    Ventura de los Reyes Head project

  • Thank you very much for your interest and considering our photographs for your website.

    Kindly e-mail your specific request to franzjonathan_delafuente@yahoo.com so I may reply with the sources of the photograph(s).

    Thank you once again for your consideration.